5 Reasons why Minimalists Prefer Short Hair

Even a very simple choice such as a haircut can change one’s daily routine greatly. Here are my top reasons why I prefer short hair.


1. It’s practical.

You need minimum time and effort when styling short hair. Even with very stubborn hair like mine, all I need is a straightener and it takes 5 minutes at most. But for most, it’s just wash and go.


2. You don’t need that many hair products.

When my hair gets longer, it tends to tangle and shed, which makes me worry and run to the drugstore like most women. But with a bob-style haircut, all I need is a small amount of shampoo. And now that I’ve found the right shampoo after many tries, I’m in heaven.

short hair portrait minimalist

3. You need less accessories.

Of course I need pins and stuff, but when my hair is long I tend to tie it, which means my husband will find hair bands everywhere in the house, and it drives him crazy. So less hair, less mess.

short hair blond minimalist

4. Less hair loss

Less hair, less mess again. When my husband or I skip going to the salon for a couple of months, our house is filled with hair! Gross, and I did a little bit googling about the fact. It turns out many people experience it, but there is little evidence to suggest that longer hair sheds more.

Maybe it’s because they just break in the middle, or they stand out as they are longer. It may also because of tying the hair, which I do a lot. But when I have a bob haircut, I almost never shed any hair.

Dolores O'Riordan

5. It looks cool!

Some people worry that they won’t look beautiful without long hair. You never know, most people who have the guts to have their hair cut look much younger and cooler in my opinion.

As my teenage role model was Dolores O’riordan, I always thought short hair was much beautiful and interesting than long, except for Alanis Morissette of course. She should never cut her hair! 😀


I hope this inspired you to try out a new hairstyle next time you go to the salon!

all images except Dolores and Alanis are taken from unsplash.com, a place for free photos.


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