5 things to be before you die

In a creative writing book, one of the prompts was to write “5 things to do before you die”. Five isn’t a big number, that’s why you  need to put only the biggest dreams there. You can’t put “not so sure” kind of dreams in a list of five.

At the beginning of the list, I wrote “publishing my novel or stories”. Then I thought, what if it happens? Will I accomplish my dream when I get to publish one book? That didn’t sound right. Or one of my biggest dreams was to travel to Japan. Hopefully I’ll realize it this month, then what? And when I thought further, I really couldn’t find any goals or things worth “doing” before I die.

So I blamed myself for having no dreams, no passion. But the problem wasn’t with me, it was with the question. The word “to do” indicated a process which is fated to end. If you say “to be”, however, the things you’ll write can be more extensive and more meaningful. And as long as you live, your dream doesn’t have an ending. You can keep on “being”. With this in mind, I prepared a list of five things to be before I die.

  1. To be a writer. A blogger, a novelist, or any kind of writing that I can’t imagine for the time being.
  2. To be a traveler.
  3. To be a minimalist, living intentionally.
  4. To be consistent with my beliefs and principles.
  5. To be a master of yoga (having it as a part of my life)

Now this list feels right!

And not to forget:

Style Matters (but not the size of your wardrobe)


I really can’t say I’ve found my style yet, a style that I can keep for years. Or rather, I’m denying my jeans & basic t-shirt style and hoping that I’ll come up with something chic (or I’ll be a cool grandma who’s still wearing jeans and a star wars t-shirt). Meanwhile, I adore people with style, people who follow a timeless fashion.

In an earlier post, I talked about fashion designers like Micheal Kors and Vera Wang, who stick with black in their wardrobe. Today I’d like to turn to Royal Family and the “repeaters” that I like a lot!

princess anne

Princess Anne, the only daughter of the Queen is definitely my favourite, she likes wearing the same outfits with small changes again and again, and here is one outfit that I love. She first wore this marvelous lavender coat with a matching hat in 1979, and has worn it to several occasions since. Her outfits are probably made from the finest material and with great design and tailoring involved, why waste them, right? This coat is definitely timeless fashion. If you want to see her other outfits that she’s wearing again and again, you can check this newspaper article out.


Princess Kate also follows Anne’s footsteps, and she’s getting lots of attention for it, like everything she does. I remember how the media blamed Kate  for wearing skinny jeans! (I thought she looks great in them too.) She is on the newspaper no matter what she does, so if she chooses to do nice things everyone knows about it. I’m not British, but maybe because I teach English for a living, I’ve always thought the Royal Family is a huge influence on today’s society. They are big role models, along with superstars and scientists and politicians. So I really appreciate these two princesses’ styles and hope we can learn from them. Being thrifty and frugal is not only for the commoners! 😀

Things I said Goodbye This Week

This week I said goodbye to my guitar, which has a sentimental value but has never been used for the last seven years. It’s been sitting at my parents’ house, sadly. I remember the first time I started to play when I was twelve; I had a very cheap guitar, but I was quite eager. I even filled my journal pages saying that it was my only friend. Ovsn853792er the years, however, after I saved some money and bought a Yamaha, I realized I wasn’t made for playing the guitar. I could write, or cook for hours for example, but I couldn’t stand guitar practice for more than an hour. So I slowly stopped playing it, and this photo is from 2009, when I almost never played the guitar.

I asked a friend of mine, who is a musician, what to do with it, and he said he can gladly buy it. As a matter of fact, he needed a classical guitar. I sold it for a symbolic price, after all, what matters is that he is going to use it far better than I did, and it will make the guitar happy.


The second thing I said goodbye to is eight books. Two of these, I realized I will never read them again. Two of them, I realized I had the original English copy of the book, and these img_0997are the translation. I never liked the other four anyway. So I put them on the Freecycle group of the university I’m working at,
and in a minute, I gave them all away.

We fill our homes with items saying “what if” to ourselves. What if I play the guitar again? What if I read this book again? What if my grandchildren want to read this book? We even imagine these items as our legacy, we see our grandchildren using them as a memory. In reality, no grandchildren will keep 500 books just because they inherited them. They will most likely keep the ones of utmost value. So I believe even if we keep some items as legacy, we must keep the best of them and in the best condition.



5 Reasons why Minimalists Prefer Short Hair

Even a very simple choice such as a haircut can change one’s daily routine greatly. Here are my top reasons why I prefer short hair.


1. It’s practical.

You need minimum time and effort when styling short hair. Even with very stubborn hair like mine, all I need is a straightener and it takes 5 minutes at most. But for most, it’s just wash and go.


2. You don’t need that many hair products.

When my hair gets longer, it tends to tangle and shed, which makes me worry and run to the drugstore like most women. But with a bob-style haircut, all I need is a small amount of shampoo. And now that I’ve found the right shampoo after many tries, I’m in heaven.

short hair portrait minimalist

3. You need less accessories.

Of course I need pins and stuff, but when my hair is long I tend to tie it, which means my husband will find hair bands everywhere in the house, and it drives him crazy. So less hair, less mess.

short hair blond minimalist

4. Less hair loss

Less hair, less mess again. When my husband or I skip going to the salon for a couple of months, our house is filled with hair! Gross, and I did a little bit googling about the fact. It turns out many people experience it, but there is little evidence to suggest that longer hair sheds more.

Maybe it’s because they just break in the middle, or they stand out as they are longer. It may also because of tying the hair, which I do a lot. But when I have a bob haircut, I almost never shed any hair.

Dolores O'Riordan

5. It looks cool!

Some people worry that they won’t look beautiful without long hair. You never know, most people who have the guts to have their hair cut look much younger and cooler in my opinion.

As my teenage role model was Dolores O’riordan, I always thought short hair was much beautiful and interesting than long, except for Alanis Morissette of course. She should never cut her hair! 😀


I hope this inspired you to try out a new hairstyle next time you go to the salon!

all images except Dolores and Alanis are taken from unsplash.com, a place for free photos.


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17 Before 2017- and thoughts on 2016

Earlier in September, I set seventeen goals for myself to accomplish before 2017 starts. Here is what it looked like:



November and December was crazy at work, so I can’t say I was great at making all of these goals come true. Let’s see how it went:

Goals 1 to 4: Minimalism

These were the goals related to my minimalism journey. Although my kitchen and vanity are quite compact as they are, I wanted to declutter them once again. However, apart from giving away empty jars and throwing away unused make-up, I haven’t been quite successful in these.

And again, although I know what to wear pretty much every day, I couldn’t set a time to organize my wardrobe just for work. I do love my winter sweaters, though!

My fourth goal was to finish 7 skincare and make-up products before 2017. I finished 2 of them, threw away 2, and working on the other 3.


Goals 5-9: Mind Goals

These are goals related mostly with mind. I started a novel about 4 years ago but never touched it for 3 years until I went back this year. But I am not sure if I like it anymore. I am like 5000 words in, and I’ll maybe go on, maybe not. Anyway, I would like to write an independent short story no matter what happens in my novel journey.

This is what I set out on. I’m proud to say that I wrote more than one story, in fact, I wrote 3 stories and I’m working on the 4th one. Plus, I registered for a creative writing course, which has been my highlight of the year.

FutureLearn: I managed to finish three courses at FutureLearn, which has been so great and informative. The courses are: Nutrition and Well-being, Start Writing Fiction and Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance. These courses are given every two or three months, they are entirely free and given by professors all around the world, and are interactive so you get to participate in a lot of discussions. I strongly recommend the platform and these courses in particular.

In addition to writing, I wanted to read 50 books, but I could only finish 29. This is pretty big for me, I had set a rather impossible goal anyways.

And for my blog:

My blog of course is among my goals. Keeping a record here really helps me put things in perspective. Right now I have 100 followers, I want to double it by the end of the year.

I couldn’t spare much time on blogging since October, so I am a bit disappointed with myself. I have only 53 posts and 134 followers at the moment, which isn’t much progress since September. I hope I can work more on it in 2017.

Goal 10: Job

I started my new job on January 6th, and towards the New Year the committee will decide whether I will be permanent or not. Fingers crossed!

I have my final examination on Wednesday, so still fingers crossed!

Goals 11-14: Health


Oh I feel so guilty about this! I haven’t had my check-up, nor did I practice much yoga.

Goal 15: Crafts

I did finish the table cloth I started! Here is a close-up:


Goals 16-17: Spirit

I’m still working on making meditation a daily habit. I think my main problem is that my days can be unpredictable, so it can be difficult to set a routine. But I am hopeful 2017 will be a better year for me to practice more mindfulness.

And last but not least, finishing the year in gratitude is so important to me. This year has been both challenging and rewarding for me. I got into a new job, and I went through a very interesting training process. Some parts of it I loved (like getting to know yourself first and being more mindful), while some parts I couldn’t really make sense. Serenity was my key word last year, yet I was more stressed than ever. Still, it is very interesting for me to see that every passing year I am growing as a teacher and a person, and it feels like I am getting more self-confident. I make more conscious choices, and behave more responsibly. I guess I have become an adult without even realizing!

As I am writing these, I am worried as well as excited for 2017. It hasn’t been a good beginning in Turkey (mass shooting at a night club in İstanbul) and it seems we can’t escape terrorism: it’s in our daily lives now. It is very distressing to live with it and go to public places, as there has been 3 massive suicide bombings in Ankara, where I live. There has been students in my school who lost their lives at the age of 18. It is just hope sometimes that keeps you alive, so my wish for the new year is to never stop hoping.

No-Spend November: Final Update

November was one busy and difficult month for me. I had so many responsibilities at work that I wasn’t surprised that sometimes I forgot about I wasn’t buying anything in November on some days. I wish that we had some sort of a winter break here in Turkey, but even New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday. Here is a handwritten report on how November was:


So, I made 5 purchases in total:

1. an iPhone 6S. I wasn’t sure about it, but it turns out I like my new iPhone a lot, but I have to agree I miss BlackBerry Hub and the awesome BlackBerry keyboard. I’m still not on good terms with iOS keyboard and autocorrect, especially when I  write half-Turkish half-English and don’t check what I wrote before posting. I did send some meaningless texts!


2. A red block note for my mother-in-law. She loved it and was looking for a way to make it a permanent notebook by writing quotes or verses in it.

3. Teacher’s day gift for my teacher trainer: A journal and a nice pen in a box.

4. Rhodia pad (A6 size): I am so happy with this small notebook. The paper is the stuff dreams are made of!



5. and finally, some cartridges for my Platinum Preppy.  (and in the photo you’ll see my beautiful Christmas plant that decided to blossom a month before Christmas)

When I set out, I had 5 criteria for things I won’t be buying this month and yeah, stationery was one of them. Apparently I spend much more money on stationery in a regular month, but although I was mindfully trying to keep out, I couldn’t. Even the two gifts I bought this month are notebooks and pens. I knew I liked paper and pen and ink all right, but this challenge helped me see that this is my weak spot.

Awareness is the key, after all.

You go girl!


Oyuncu Shailene Woodley diyor ki: “Özellikle kullanılmış giysiler alıyorum. Ben bu gezegenin bir vatandaşı olacağım, ve sorumluluklarımı yerine getirip, doğayla sürekli savaşmaktansa onunla barışık yaşayacağım.”

Keşke Türkiye’de de ikinci el giyinme yaygınlaşsa!

No Spend November Update

photo-1444760134166-9b8f7d0fc038.jpgIt is mid-November, so I thought I might share my no-spend experiences with you.

In my original post, I especially wanted to avoid online shopping and shopping for clothes, so I completely managed that. It was no big deal because on weekdays, I get almost no stimulants about shopping. My typical day is driving from home to work, work to home.

I live in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, which has no tourist attractions other than malls. Little shops are about to be history, so it is quite usual for some people to go to a mall every day. Although I hate malls, sometimes I just have to, so I went to the mall twice so far this month. In the first trip last week, I had almost forgotten that I was on no-spend because actually, I hadn’t spent any money on something other than food. So I ended up impulse-buying a gift for my mother-in-law. She loves notebooks and she loves small checks. She also loves the red color. When I saw this notebook which has all of them, I could not resist buying! Only after I got home, I realized I was on a no-spend challenge. If I’d remembered in the shop, I wouldn’t have gotten it. In my second trip to the mall, I was completely aware so I just went to the market for grocery shopping.

To be honest, the small notebook was nothing compared to my (well, my husband’s but we share the same budget) next purchase, an Iphone! I was getting really frustrated with my BlackBerry, which I loved but lately the news that the new BB phones will run on Android, and not BB10 really disappointed me. This also means that there will no longer be app designers for BlackBerry, and no updates, also recently they decided not to work with Whatsapp as of 2017. Not to mention they don’t run Facebook, WordPress or Instagram apps either, and the maps are terrible lately. Then what is the use of a smartphone, I thought. OK, it is a reliable phone, never crashes, and Hub is awesome but the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.


My husband, traveling to Dubai every month, offered to sell my BlackBerry Z30 and get me an Iphone there (which is much cheaper than in Turkey). Luckily, we sold my phone pretty quickly, and now I have a brand new 6S. I really resisted for years not to get a pricey phone, but I hate Android, BB10 is dead, and I had two options: Either go for a no-brain cellphone like Nokia 3310, or go for Apple. I hope I won’t be disappointed by my choice.

So that’s it. My one small and  one big purchase other than food, bills and gas. I hope I will keep it this way until the end of November. And yes, Black Friday is also a thing now in Turkey, but I have no plans in participating! 🙂

No Spend November. Can I do it? We’ll see.

This weekend I might have had a little of shopping spree, buying skincare products, a watch, a pair of sandals for next summer (big sale!), contact lenses, a bottle of ink (Diamine Oxblood, I’m in love) and finally four books. And my husband got a pair of sneakers for me from Dubai. How could I buy so many things? Every shop and shopping website I went to was screaming SALE. The biggest enemy of an aspiring minimalist.

The sales are quite tempting to admit. Although everything I bought was on my wishlist for a long time, I still felt some guilt over buying so many things at once. Then, when I was browsing the Internet today, I saw “No Buy November”. Basically, No Buy for me includes clothes, make-up, stationery and any online shopping.

And what to buy is basically essentials: food, gas, toiletries, bills.

I’m sure everybody’s needs and weaknesses are different, so if you take up this challenge be sure to personalize this and make it realistic.

Can I do it? I don’t know. But I’m willing to try it out. I think trying this for a month will help me become more aware of my purchases. And during this month if I really want to buy something, say, a piece of clothing, I will wait until December. If one month does not change my decision, then I will go for it.

Given Away and Sold!

Sometimes we just don’t realize how accessories take over our space and no matter how many new items we buy, we just can’t get rid of the old ones.

Today I’ve given away two of my watches.

I can get rid of clothes very easily, cheap accessories I can just throw away, but something like watches, and if it has sentimental value, is difficult to toss.


I wore one of the watches for 4 years and the other 6. They got their share in the wear&tear department, but the 6 year-old-one was a present from my father, and the 4-year-old from my sister. They were sitting in my shelf, and I wasn’t willing to change the dead batteries, either. So why not give them away and give them a new life?

Actually it was my husband who got me to give away these. He recently sold a watch that I gave him as a gift last year, he really liked it at first but it was uncomfortable for everyday wear for him. As it was brand new, it wouldn’t be logical to just give away, so he sold it for a reasonable price. And now he can buy one he will love more.


And then he suggested I put my watches – along with a pair of sunglasses that he’s been wearing for more than 1o years- on our university’s freecycle group. In less than 5 minutes, I was able to give them away! (Even someone offered to pay for the Rayban glasses but I said no, it is too old to sell) What a relief, and knowing that the students WILL use them is a great feeling!

I wish I had given them away earlier, they’ve been sitting on the bookshelf for a year or so. I think they’ll be much happier sitting on a wrist and working rather than sleeping on my shelf.


17 before 2017

As fall starts, we have a little more than 3 months until 2017. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year. And it is a perfect time to  review my year and my goals. This year I changed jobs, I am a little freer now so I had a chance to focus on my personal goals more easily. This list also sums what I was trying to achieve this year. Minimalism, mindfulness, writing, blogging and all.

I got the idea from BohoBerry, such a wonderful idea.

So here is the list. I don’t have to finish all of them of course, but having a list make my goals visual. And actually all of them are thought in detail. I read a lot about setting goals recently, and I will share my insights on setting goals in a future post as well.

Let me talk a bit about each:

Goals 1 to 4: Minimalism

These are the goals related to my minimalism journey. For the past couple of months I didn’t spend much time at home and it will be great if I could finish decluttering my kitchen and vanity before ’17.

Also having a capsule wardrobe dedicated to work is very crucial for me. I made some new purchases and let go of some pieces, so I want to organize a wardrobe with accessories and all and never think about what to wear to work ever again.

My fourth goal, if you have heard of these challenges, will sound very familiar. I want to finish these skincare and make-up products before 2017. The products are:

  1. Sebamed Q10 Lifting Eye Cream (best affordable eye cream so far)
  2. Neostrata Oily Skin Solution (I really like it, except it is twice the price in Turkey now and I won’t be repurchasing just because of the price. I will most likely replace it with plain soap for now.)
  3. Oriflame Red Lipstick (just love this. but it is I guess maybe more than 5 years old (eww) but I can’t just let it go because I haven’t found a red lipstick just like this. So I’ll toss when I finish)
  4. Skin 79 Sué Hydrating Water (it is a very nice moisturizer but not very practical. I would expect a spray bottle instead of squirt, so I won’t be repurchasing this either.)
  5. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Malt (2 years old, love it, I wouldn’t mind wearing it everyday)
  6. Isana Aceton-free nail polish remover (just put it because I have one more nailpolish remover at home)
  7. Diadermine Zero Tolerance Face Cleanser (no side effects so far, but not very effective either, will replace with bar soap again)

The reason why I chose them is that although they have survived my decluttering splurges for two years, they are the oldest products that I have (except Neostrata, it is like 6 months old). And because I have (or I don’t need) replacements for them it would be nice if I could get them out of my way. The trick in these challenges is that you should put all the products of these kinds away for the time being. It will be exhilarating to finish them till the end of 2016!

Also very interesting to see I have products from all around the world (Germany, Sweden, Korea, US) I think I should consider making more local choices next time I buy this kind of products.

Goals 5-9: Mind Goals

These are goals related mostly with mind. I started a novel about 4 years ago but never touched it for 3 years until I went back this year. But I am not sure if I like it anymore. I am like 5000 words in, and I’ll maybe go on, maybe not. Anyway, I would like to write an independent short story no matter what happens in my novel journey.

I would also like to read 50 books this year in total. This was the goal I set on my Goodreads account. So far I have finished 23, but I still want to keep it to see how far I will get.

My blog of course is among my goals. Keeping a record here really helps me put things in perspective. Right now I have 100 followers, I want to double it by the end of the year.

Goal 10: Job

I started my new job on January 6th, and towards the New Year the committee will decide whether I will be permanent or not. Fingers crossed!

Goals 11-14: Health

These goals are about Yoga and health in general. Yoga has been really helpful to me, so I wish to make it a daily habit.

I have recently been drinking a mixture of ginger- honey-lemon- ACV (and garlic if I’m not going out). Among all benefits, it’s helping me with sinus infections and allergies so I would like to keep it going for as much as I can.

Goal 15: Crafts

I am really into cross-stitching this year. There is one project I would like to finish this year and it is the table runner that I started.

Goals 16-17: Spirit

I started meditating for about 4 months ago but I haven’t made it a daily habit yet. I wish to do so as soon as possible.

And last but not least, finishing the year in gratitude is so important to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my goals and I will be more than happy if this inspires you to set some goals for yourself!




Small things that make a difference 

When I was in the shops the other day, I saw a huge discount on Toms shoes. Last year, I wanted a Toms so dearly that I got a pair, from the series Earthwise. It’s vegan and totally recyclable, but it wore out too quickly for my taste. I usually wear a pair I buy for more than 3 years, I don’t really buy fashionable shoes so it works out very well for me.

I must say I was disappointed. Although I love the look of Toms, and appreciate the charity work, I decided not to buy another pair. But what could I do with the pair I’ve got? Ideas, ideas.

I had some old fabric I got from my mother-in-law. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it like this or cover the whole thing later, but for now I’m satisfied that the worn out toe section is covered. Here are the steps:

1. First off, I cleaned the whole shoes inside and out using wet towels. Fabric was easy to clean.

2. I applied mod modge with a sponge brush, and then glued the fabric. You don’t have to be crafty or extra careful, mod podge is very forgiving.

Here is the end result:

I hope it will last me another few months. It really hurts me when something I love wears out very quickly.

The second small change I made is to my relatively new Reebok sneakers. I love them, they are made from a foamy substance which makes them very light and comfortable. But I noticed they look very dirty. First I cleaned the sole using nail polish remover and a piece of cotton (works very well with white soles, try it out) then I changed the laces. It made all the difference! They look brand new now.

I never cared about maintaining my clothes or shoes before, but minimalism taught me to take a look at my closet before I consider buying new stuff. So now I know what actually lurks behind the closed closet doors, and it gives me the chance to care for the items on time and discard and buy new ones if necessary. I hope you find these tips useful!

Decluttering: Komono (Part 1)

What Marie Kondo addressed in her book as “komono” (in Japanese: miscellaneous) is the source of most clutter in our homes. It is the small, uncategorized objects that hang around without much consideration. For me, there are two areas that needed work: paper and plastic bags.

i. Paper clutter.


I work as a lecturer, so during schooltime paperwork is very demanding and paper occupies literally everywhere in the house. This may also be because I don’t have my office desk in the house, so my couch is basically a mountain of paper and pen during those days. But having a month for school to start here in Turkey, I wanted to tackle other kinds of paper in the house, especially bills and receipts. It was interesting we keep these in one pile, maybe because in Turkish both words translate to “fatura”. And I realized these “fatura”s were everywhere, from bookcase to top of fridge, to the top of shoe cupboard at the entrance. Don’t let me starting the inside of bags and purses! So when I gathered them all, it took me like an hour to decide which ones belonged in the trash and which ones we needed to keep.

For receipts, I tossed all grocery shopping, receipts for items older than a year or passed their warranty, and thought about all the purchases we made for the last year. I am glad most of it was grocery shopping, we had only a couple clothing receipts, and a couple more  for shoes. Both my husband and I went through job interviews in December, which made us realized we had no formal clothes, so I bought two shirts and a nice pair of shoes, while he bought two suits and a pair of shoes. We are approaching thirty and slowly transitioning to a more casual smart style rather than jeans & tees.

I categorized receipts as “from 2015 to June 2016” and “June-August 2016”.

For the bills, you never know what will happen in this country- like one day they can cut off your electricity claiming you haven’t been paying them- so it is best to keep the bills for a year or two. I arranged them in chronological order and tagged them “water, gas, electricity”.

ii. Plastic bags.


This is two years’ accumulation. I always found plastic bags boring and unnecessary, but it happens. It comes with an online order, from a duty free shop, or simply you forget your fabric bag and you need to get one. I decided to toss a third of it, a third I will bring to my mother-in-law, who said she needed some. The final third in the shoe box I will keep. This is pretty much a what-if keep, but I decided to limit myself to what can fit in a shoe box. And this unnecessary clutter reminded me how much I need to carry these foldable fabric bags around.

Can you practice mindfulness while decluttering? You sure can! It is very rewarding in terms of both a clear home and a clear mind.

A new Purchase which made me so happy

Recently I am working on my handwriting and trying to learn calligraphy, and for a person who likes writing, it is quite enjoyable. I am keeping a very loose journal which is inspired by the bullet journal concept, but in a reality it is far from that, it is like a Virginia Woolf novel where there is a stream of consciousness sometimes only the author will comprehend.

In an attempt to improve my handwriting, I found a facebook group called #rockyourhandwriting, which is very cool. Every month they publish a challenge list where you get to practice handwriting through a certain prompt. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of August and love it.


(This is one of the prompts)

And the more I practiced, the more I wanted to write with a high quality pen, especially a fountain pen. Seeing my passion, my father-in-law gave me a vintage pen of his, but I found out fountain pens are much like musical instruments. They only get old and wary once you stop using them.


It is really gorgeous, but its upper part wouldn’t open. After days of work I managed to open it, filled it with blue ink, and it was doing OK until it stopped writing. I tried and tried to open it again for days, did anything that can be done but no, it won’t open. I think I’ll give it back to him or maybe seek repair. I doubt I will find a repairperson that can fix it though.

So I decided to buy a brand new fountain pen. I decided on a yellow Lamy Safari, which I heard is both affordable and durable. It was designed in 1980 (you can tell from the avantgarde design) by Wolfgang Fabian and it’s been produced ever since.

I filled it with purple ink and voila! It writes so smoothly and easily that I fell in love with it!


I read in an article that happy people are those who pay money for experiences, or rather things that will provide them with experiences, like books or this lovely pen. I doubt it will be my last fountain pen, but I plan to downsize my other pens and I guess I won’t need ballpoint pens as much anymore. It is also more environmentally friendly (and more minimalist, yay) to buy ink rather than a whole pen again and again. So this beautiful Lamy marks the beginning of my fountain pen journey. Lots of things to learn!