Koleksiyonlar, İstifçilik ve Minimalizm

Bu aralar koleksiyonlar ve istifçilik üzerine epey okudum, sohbet ettim, soruşturdum 🙂 Hala beni düşündüren çok nokta var ama, bizim koleksiyon anlayışımız ile, küratörlerin koleksiyon anlayışı arasındaki farkları, ve negatif boşluk olayını öğrenmek bakış açımı çok değiştirdi.

Öğrendiklerimi yeni videoda anlattım. Buyrunuz:

Sevgiler 🙂

What Minimalism is not About

1. Minimalism is not about decluttering.

While minimalists find decluttering an exhilarating, freeing experience, minimalism to me is not about what to let go, it is about what to keep.

Marie Kondo asks “what sparks joy?”

“The Minimalists” ask “what adds value to your life?”

I believe the things I keep are a combination of both.

2. Minimalism is not confined to backpackers and people who live in ridiculously small apartments.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore backpackers and travelling light. I try to travel light as much as possible and learn from my mistakes. And definitely, there is something to learn from people who carry everything they own on their backs.

Similarly, I do believe living in a small house teaches you a lot. My house is also a relatively small one, with one living room/kitchen, one bedroom and a laundry room. But what I believe is that once you get the idea, it doesn’t matter where you live. You may still live with your parents, in a dormitory, or a seven-bedroom house, or on your backpack! It’s the same and at the same time different for everyone.

3. Minimalism is not about organizing and great storage solutions.

I believed (and I still do) that I had a problem about organizing. My house and my office desk were a mess, and while I thought it was a meaningful mess, I still sought help. What I found was at the core of this disorganization was my inability to say goodbye to things when I didn’t need them. Well I was one type. I lived “in” clutter and called myself disorganized. I thought if I tidied things up, clutter wouldn’t be a problem.

But there is also this type who never ever declutters and lives in a tidy mess. And these people are, well, the closest one may be your mum. You can find stashes underneath sofas, boxes after boxes never opened in years, all these small things that nobody needs or remembers even. But in the workplace I also encounter this kind of people, who file projects, keep hard copies even if there are soft copies, and bring in drawers and organizers (why buy new stuff to store the stuff you don’t need?) because the ones in the office aren’t enough. But they are very very organized and also effective, although 90% of the stuff they keep will never be needed and eat up their time and energy.

This is not what minimalism is. These can be parts of minimalism, but they do not define it. The social media likes the extreme, well, you don’t have to go to extremes if this is not you.

To reiterate,  minimalism is not about downsizing, it’s about loving/valuing/needing what you keep. It’s not about limiting yourself to a tiny backpack or a studio apartment, and finally it’s not about organizing (although I admit it is fun!).

What else do you think minimalism is not about?


5 Minimalist Tips for Saving Money

Türkçesi için lütfen buraya tıklayınız: Para Biriktirmek İçin Beş İpucu

Over the years as I started to live a simpler life, I’ve seen that my debts are melting and I can save money much more easily than before. My initial purpose was not to save money, but seeing that I can do stuff I love with the money that I’ve saved (travelling, creative writing workshops and fountain pens), or just knowing that I have some money aside for future troubles is really freeing.

You can actually save quite a lot of money by making some small changes to your lifestyle, even if you earn small amounts of money. You can save a few hundred bucks if you follow just one or two tips that I’m sharing with you today. And the most important outcome of this is not just saving money, but reclaiming your freedom from money and spending mindset.

Now let’s have a look at how to easily save money by having a minimalist approach to life.

1) Cook and eat at home, and bring lunch as much as possible.


If you already try to live a healthier lifestyle then you know how eating outside can ruin your diet. You can of course spend a couple of nights outside with friends or eat out when you’re on vacation, but in normal circumstances eating at home is a lot cheaper and healthier.

If you have a group of friends that you always go out with, you should honestly tell them you’re trying to save money and you’ll meet them for a drink afterwards. You can even suggest everyone eat at home and meet just for a drink or coffee. This saves you a lot of money really.

Of course what I mean by eat at home is not frozen, ready made dinners like pizza or chips. I’m talking about real cooked food. If you’re not experienced with cooking, start small and slow: buy just the equipment and the ingredients you need for the recipe you want to make. At the end your body and your wallet will thank you. 🙂


Bringing lunch to school or workplace also saves a ton of money. And if you have a fridge and microwave at your workplace, voila! If you don’t, that’s okay, too, there are lots of options you can bring. Salad and sandwiches are the easiest. You can bring leftovers, tuna, or my favorite, overnight oatmeals. Just toss in your favorite yogurt or milk, and whatever fruit and nuts you have at hand. Experiment with peanut butter, chocolate or honey. Even a big bowl of oatmeal doesn’t cost more than a couple of bucks, and you get a filling meal.

To save a ton of money on beverages, invest in a good water bottle and a durable mug. The first reason I bought a mug was because the coffee in the workplace tasted terrible and I wanted to bring my own, but then it turned into a money-saving habit. And when you’re going outside always bring your water bottle with you to save the environment and to save money.

2. Don’t buy if you can make it yourself.

I love pickling and yogurt making as much as I love cooking and baking. As I’m involved in the making process first-hand, I can adjust ingredients to my taste, change them for more healthy options and so on. This is the first advantage. The second advantage of this is that it helps you save money. You can make a year worth’s of pickles (and the healthy, fermented kind) with the same money you buy a jar of pickles. Yogurt making also saves you nearly half the prize of store-bought, paper-tasting yogurt. I even try cheese making but you don’t have to go this far. 😀

And there are far easier things to try out. Whenever you want to buy packaged food, see if you can make it yourself. Pudding mixes, for example. You can buy starch and cocoa and easily make it yourself for a fraction of the price. Slowly, you’ll see that you don’t need packaged food at all. Google before buy!


I can almost hear you asking, how come I can find so much time to make this stuff rather than buy. Once you’ve made your research and experiment with a few recipes, it’s really easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. But since mall and online shopping is out of my life now, I have a lot of time for productivity, which brings us to the third point.

3. Run from malls like hell (at least for a while).

I’ve never been a shopaholic, but even now, when I go to a mall, I find myself buying at least one item. It feels like a crime, walking into a mall and not buying anything. If nothing, then at least you go to a Starbucks and leave a few dollars there (by the way, the cheapest and the healthiest option at Starbucks, or any coffee shop really, is filter coffee).


When we talk about avoiding shopping, out of sight out of mind is the best thing to do. And it’s a good idea to stay away from shopping friends as well. Shopping is like cigarettes or alcohol. The addicts need some new victims all the time, they don’t want to go alone so you need to watch out.

4. Declutter


It might be counter-intuitive but you need to declutter to avoid spending money. When we fill our homes with stuff, it feels like you need more stuff. When you start purging, you see that you already have what you need.

If you’re serious about saving money, promise yourself not to buy any piece of clothing for a certain amount of time (3 months or a year maybe). And then go into your wardrobe and lay all your clothes on your bed. You have so many clothes, right? And most of them have been loved and worn and torn, some never worn with a price tag on. Don’t mind. Firstly, feel grateful that you were able to buy these clothes. Then start purging.

You can donate or sell the ones still in good condition, and recycle or upcycle the ones that are beyond repair. At the end of the process, you’ll see there are still lots and lots that you can wear with love. No need for shopping at all. (You can look at my previous posts about decluttering and capsule wardrobe here).

Apply the same procedure to the kitchen as well. Years ago I read about an extreme approach, where you buy nothing until you run things out in your fridge, freezer and pantry. I think it makes sense, considering the things I had to toss in my last decluttering marathon. This is a good way to save money in the short run.

5. Take a chance on second hand shopping.

When you need something, first check the online websites and apps if you can find it second-hand. You can find second-hand books, bags, watches, clothes. Buying and selling second hand, as well as free cycle,  is good for both the hands and the Earth.

As a final word, I don’t think you should starve and tire yourself just to save money. Sometimes you just want to spend carelessly. And that’s okay because you’re saving for a purpose after all. Don’t think a lot about money, don’t make your life circle around it (or the absence of it). When you are free of the money hegemony, it can give you joy to spend it sometimes. What is important is balance.


Decluttering Marathon Day 7- Electronics, and Thoughts //Azaltma Maratonu Son Gün- Elektronik Aletler ve Değerlendirme

image: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2012/09/20/do-we-have-too-many-possessions/

*English version follows*

Tam yedi gün arka arkaya yapamasam da bu azaltma maratonunda beklediğimden çok daha fazla çöplük buldum evde. Çöplük diyorum çünkü insanın hiç de düşünmesine gerek olmayan şeyleri attık çoğu zaman. Bakmak yeterli oldu o objenin hayatımızda yeri olmadığını anlamaya. Ve yaklaşık iki yıldır yaptığım alışverişe, evime girenlere dikkat etmeme rağmen böyle oldu. İki yıl önceki halimle, ama şimdiki bildiklerimi bilerek bu işe girişsem herhalde evin yarısı gidermiş. 🙂


Fakat şunu da gördüm ki, kesinlikle azaltmak yeterli değil. Düzenli olmak da çok önemli ki bu benim en büyük eksiğim. Az eşyam da olsa hala kendi düzenimi oturtabilmiş değilim. Zaten bu nedenle bazen eşyaların varlığını unutuyorum ve yıllarca çekmecenin dibinde kalabiliyorlar. Doğuştan düzenli insanlardan biri olmayı çok isterdim, ama maalesef yapa yapa öğrenmek zorundayım.

Bugünkü konumuz elektroniklerdi. Yine komono kategorisine giren bu yaramazlar evin her yerinde olduğu için aslında bu yedi gün içinde onları zaten tespit ettik. Kurtulacağımız elektroniklerin listesi:

  1. Bozuk bir hdmi kablosu
  2. Eski bir klavye
  3. Bozuk bir tıraş makinesi
  4. Bitmiş piller
  5. Eski telefonun eski bataryası
  6. İki adet hafızası düşük flash disk (verilmek üzere ayırdık)

Şimdi iş bunları nereye vereceğimize kaldı. Bitmiş pilleri TAP topluyor, diğer elektronik eşyaları ise Media Markt’ın aldığını duydum ama gözümle görmeden inanmayacağım sanırım. Bugün yarın gidip vermeye çalışacağım, bakalım başarılı olacak mıyım?

image: https://www.octa.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Mobile-Phone-Cell-Phone-Trash.jpg

English Version

Although I couldn’t do the seven day marathon in a row, I found lots of “garbage” at home than I expected. I say garbage because the things I tossed were generally not recyclable or reusable. And sometimes just looking was enough to understand that this object has no longer any purpose in our lives. And this is happening after two years that I’m shopping mindfully and responsibly. If I had decluttered with the mindset that I have now, I would have gotten rid of half  the objects in our home. 🙂

I also saw that decluttering simply isn’t enough. Being organized is equally as important, which is my biggest weakness. Although I don’t own much, I don’t have a sustainable organization style. That’s why I keep forgetting the items I put deep in the drawers and I need this decluttering marathon to remember them. I wish I was one of those people who are innately organized, but unfortunately I have to learn to be one.

Today I was supposed to declutter electronics. But honestly in the last six day, I encountered most of them and put them aside so I didn’t need a full day to inspect the electronic items at home. Here’s what we decided to say goodbye to:

  1. a broken hdmi cable
  2. an old keyboard
  3. a broken shaving machine
  4. old batteries
  5. the first battery of my previous phone
  6. two low-memory flash disks (to be given away)

So now the job is how to get rid of them. There are local centres in TR that collect batteries, but I never recycled electronics before. I’ll check an electronics chain store which claims to be taking them for recycling, but I have see it to believe it. I hope they won’t end up in landfill.

Decluttering Marathon Day 6: Bathroom // Azaltma Maratonu 6. Gün: Banyo

Honestly this was one of the most cluttered places before I started this marathon but I didn’t touch it just to feel the joy of tossing so many items at once!

Açıkçası banyonun en dağınık yer olduğu başladığımda belliydi ama özellikle dokunmadım ki bugün geldiğinde fazlalıkları atmanın verdiği hazzı yaşayabileyim!

This is the top of the washer. Did I say it was cluttered?

I already have a very small bathroom, so the only countertop is the poor washing mashine. And after coming back from the summer vacation I wasn’t that motivated to tidy it.

Zaten çok küçük bir banyom var ve eşyalarımı koyabileceğim tek yer çamaşır makinesinin üstü. Bayram tatilinden dönüşte de kendimi hiç motive edemedim doğrusu burayı toparlamaya.



Sometimes organized people tend to hoard stuff. My husband is the most organized person I know, and I know when he’s committed to it he declutters like crazy (like in yesterday’s post), but he has this habit of collecting little hotel shampoo bottles everywhere he goes. Luckily for us- and the environment, no hotel carries these small bottles in Japan; so we didn’t bring any of these back from our recent Japanese trip. But in Dubai, where he spent half of the last year, all hotels give these away and he made a big collection of nearly 50 bottles. I had to step in. I poured all the shower gels in the liquid soap container. We don’t use liquid soap any more but I know that my guests do, so I put it in the guest bathroom. To my surprise, it smelled great. I guess I’ll do the same with the shampoos as well. For now, I put them in the purple bag on the washer, in a drawer under the bed.

Bazen düzenli insanlarda da istif alışkanlığı olabiliyor. Eşim tanıdığım en düzenli insan, ve aklına koyduğu zaman neler yaptığını dünkü yazımda anlatmıştım. Fakat gittiği her otelden minik şampuan şişeleri ve sabunlar getirme gibi bir huyu var. Şansımıza Japon otellerinde hep büyük şişeler vardı, oradan bir şey getiremedik, ama özellikle geçen senenin neredeyse yarısını iş için Dubai’deki otellerde geçirince 50’ye yakın şişe birikti. Kullansak neyse, kullanmıyoruz da. Ben de duş jellerini sıvı sabunluğa doldurdum. Artık sıvı sabun kullanmıyoruz ama eve gelen misafirler genelde tercih ettiği için misafir banyosuna koydum. Kokular karışınca güzel kokmaz diyordum ama beklentilerimin tersi oldu. Kalan şampuanları da yatağın altındaki çekmeceye koydum, herhalde şampuanların sonu da el sabunu olacak.

bye bye, things
Unbelievable! Yarım saatte bu kadar değiştiğine inanamıyorum!

I changed the tablecloth on it too, and I really couldn’t believe how much it cleared in just half an hour. There were lots of things I parted with, especially old containers that I thought someday I’d use for some diy project, but that someday never came. Time to say goodbye. I also tossed old and disliked products like that hair mousse or the deodorant. But as you see, we still have some hotel products here. These are from the hotels he spent summer holidays as a child. Some of them are over 20 years old. What can I say? They give him joy.

Üzerindeki örtüyü de değiştirince yarım saatte epey bir ferahladı banyo. Belki bir gün kendinyap projeleri için kullanırım diye düşündüğüm küçük, büyük, spreyli vb. şişeler vardı, onlara elveda dedim çünkü o bir gün hiç gelmedi. Deodorant ve saç köpüğü gibi eski ve sevmediğim ürünleri de attım bu vesileyle. Bu arada gördüğünüz gibi hala bazı otel sabunlarımız duruyor. Bunlar eşimin çocukluğunda gittiği otellerden. Kimisi yirmi yıldan eski. Ne diyebilirim ona mutluluk veriyorsa, değil mi?

Seven Day Decluttering Marathon- Yedi Günlük Azaltma Maratonu

Decluttering Marathon Day 5: Bedroom and Komono cont. // Azaltma Maratonu 5. Gün: Yatak Odası ve Komono’ya Devam

Today I wanted to declutter the linen closet, especially towels. When we got married 3 years ago, I bought a set of towels that I loved, but they became so raggy and hard I didn’t love using them after a year or so. I tried changing my detergent and softener, and I even used that pinterest idea of washing them with soda and vinegar. Nothing worked. But they were still in rotation, so today I made the call and said goodbye to them. My mother told me not to toss them though, she thinks I can use them as rags. I haven’t decided yet, but at least I know I won’t use them on my face anymore.


Bugün özellikle yatak odasındaki nevresim ve havlulara eğilmek istemiştim. Evlenmeden önce desenlerini beğenip Madame Coco’dan aldığımız havlular maalesef 3 senede kullanılamayacak halde sertleştiler. Her şeyi denedim, sirke çamaşır sodası olsun, yeni yumuşatıcı olsun, yok, bana mı demediler. Yüzümüzü yırtacaklar neredeyse sertlikten ama ben onlara veda etmekte zorlandım yine de. Ama yapmam gerekeni yaptım! 7 tane havluya elveda dedim. Gerçi annem bunları sakın atma, yer bezi olur işe yarar dediği için şimdilik atmadım ama semsert havluları kullanmayacağım artık 🙂

goodbye towels! elveda havlular!

Then I reorganized my linens. In this shelf I only had towels before, but now that there’s room here, I decided to move the linens to this shelf. For some reason, I haven’t found a designated place for these, they were under the bed, or in the cabinet where I put blankets. I have two spare sets for daily use and one set for guests. This amount easily fitted in there. 

Sonrasında nevresimleri düzenledim. Havlulardan yer açılınca yıllardır doğru düzgün yer bulamayan nevresimlere yer açıldı. Bizim için iki yedek takım, misafirler için de bir takım kolayca buraya sığdı.


But honestly, I didn’t declutter much today. My husband, on the other hand, was quite motivated to declutter all the junk in the closet under the stairs. This closet mainly consisted of hardware (his stuff), so I didn’t want to touch it but it’s left untouched for nearly a year. This is what he got rid of:

Aslında eşimle karşılaştırınca ben çok da büyük bir azaltma yapmadım bugün. Merdivenin altındaki dolaba girişti. Bu dolap genelde tamirat malzemeleri, bilgisayar parçaları vb (yani onun eşyaları) içerdiği için ben dokunmak istememiştim, yani yaklaşık bir yıldır toparlanmayı bekliyordu. Tam bir battal poşet pislikten kurtuldu:

He also got rid of two big suitcases which were broken // Bunların yanında kırılmış iki büyük valizden de kurtuldu.

Today we made a big progress and we are still in the process of organising some stuff that we found has no home. Since we’re doing it together, it’s much easier.

Bugün büyük bir ilerleme kaydettik ve hala bazı eşyaların düzenlenmesiyle uğraşıyoruz. Beraber yapınca da insanın üzerinden büyük bir yük kalkıyor.

Seven Day Decluttering Marathon- Yedi Günlük Azaltma Maratonu

Decluttering Marathon Day 4: Bedroom / Azaltma Maratonu 4. Gün: Yatak Odası

Today I started to declutter the first part of the bedroom: clothes. Maybe because they’re usually recommended as the first party to declutter, I’ve always liked and been motivated by decluttering clothes. I started by throwing -nearly- all clothes on the bed. I chose not to tackle socks, pajamas and so on today.

Bugün yatak odasının ilk kısmını, kıyafetleri azalttım. Belki de minimalizmle ilgili kitaplarda hep ilk bölümde kıyafetler olduğundan, çok sevmişimdir bu kıyafetleri azaltma işini. Neredeyse tüm kıyafetleri yatağın üzerine atarak başladım; bugün çorap çekmecelerini ve pijamaları ellemedim.


I checked every single one of them, wore if I wasn’t sure, and came up with a box of clothes to reuse or donate. I decluttered two coats, one sweater, one skirt, one belt, one t-shirt, and my husband tossed in there one sweater as well! They were all really worn out. There were a few formal clothes that I wasn’t sure of, but they escaped the craze for now. 🙂

Hepsini teker teker kontrol ettim, emin olmadıklarımı tekrar denedim, ve bir sepet kıyafet bağışlamak ya da dikiş projelerimde kullanmak üzere ayrıldı. İki monta, bir eteğe, bir kazağa, bir tişörte, bir kemere ve bir çantaya veda ettim. Bunların hepsi epey aşınmışlardı.   Eşim de geçerken içine abisinden kalan ama giymediği bir ceketi attı! Emin olmadığım birkaç parça var, resmi kıyafetler gibi, ama bu sefer de gazabımdan kurtuldular. 🙂

BeFunky Collage.jpg
after organizing

For me the most fun part is folding clothes and organizing them. (To see how I organize using the Konmari method, check this post.)  Seeing a lot of space left relaxed me and I saw that I am slowly acquiring a taste. If you ask me, I wouldn’t say pink is my favourite color but check my wardrobe, and you can find all tints of pink. Even this summer I made two purchases, one sweater and one shirt- both in pink! Maybe this is what the industry is imposing on us, I don’t know.

Tomorrow I’ll continue decluttering the bedroom, now focusing on linen and towels.

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Benim için bu işin en eğlenceli yanı giysileri katlayıp yeniden düzenlemek. (Daha önce bu yazımda Konmari metodu ile nasıl katladığımı anlatmıştım) Çekmecelerin böyle boş kaldığını görmek beni de ferahlattı, bir de yavaş yavaş zevkimin oturmaya başladığını görüyorum artık. Sorsanız en sevdiğim rengi, pembe ilk aklıma gelen olmaz ama şu dolaba bakarsanız pembenin her tonu mevcut. Hatta bu yaz bir triko kazakla bir gömlek aldım, onlar da pembe renkte! Belki de giyim endüstrisi bizi sürekli pembelere itiyordur, bilemiyorum.

Yarın yatak odasına devam, bu sefer nevresim ve havlulara bakacağım.

Diğer Azaltma Maratonu yazılarım için tıklayınız.

Decluttering Marathon Day 2- Azaltma Maratonu 2. Gün: Komono

To understand what komono means, let’s start with a quote from Marie Kondo from The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up:


Komono’nun ne olduğunu anlamak için, Marie Kondo’nun Derle Topla Rahatla kitabından bir alıntı ile başlayalım: (Kitabın Türkçe çevirisi var ancak elimde olmadığı için kendim çevirdim)


What I found in my junk drawers today was exactly the same: 

Bugün ıvır zıvır çekmecelerimde bulduğum tamamiyle aynıydı:


These drawers are under the TV, so they are the most convenient and easy to reach storage at home. So I did more of an organizing here rather than decluttering. Most items weren’t supposed to be there, anyway. 🙂 That piece of cardboard needed to be at school (I bought it to prepare posters then forgot to bring it to work), there were some items that needed to be in the hardware box, there were lots and lots of hair bands and pins, I found my long-lost black thread, and there were some essential oils that needed to be in my vanity. So I carried them to their homes. But still there were some expired/finished/no longer needed products that I could part with.

Bu iki çekmece televizyonun altında olduğu için en yakın ve en kolay depolama alanı evimizde. O yüzden burada azaltmadan çok düzenleme yaptım. Çünkü buradaki şeylerin çoğu zaten en başta orada olmamalıydı 🙂 O karton rulosunu okullar açıkken poster yapmak için almıştım örneğin, ama okula götürmeyi unutmuştum. Hırdavat kutusunda olması gereken aletler vardı, oraya buraya sıkıştırılmış bir sürü toka, hatta uzun zamandır aradığım siyah ipliğimi bile buldum. Böylece bunları olması gereken yerlere taşıdım. Tabii atılabilecek ambalajlar, son kullanma tarihi geçmiş ya da artık ihtiyacım olmayan ürünler de buldum.

along with receipts, expired med etc. // Fiş fatura, tarihi bitmiş ilaçlar da vardı.

Kondo got it right when she said batteries and erasers, too!

Kondo pil ve silgide bile haklı çıktı! Demek herkesin evinde var bu “junk drawer” olayı.


This still is the junk drawer, but I decided to organize things thinking about proximity. I usually paint my nails in the living room, for example, so even if I put them elsewhere, they’d end up in this drawer anyway.

Burası hala ıvır zıvır çekmecesi olarak kalsa da, kullanım kolaylığını göz önünde bulundurarak düzenlemeye çalıştım. Örneğin ojeyi genelde oturma odasında sürdüğüm için zaten bu çekmecede birikiyorlardı.

and this is the final version of the medicine drawer. // Bu da ilaç çekmecesinin son hali.

Honestly I don’t like having so much medicine at home and the fact that most of them are similar drugs, but my husband likes to keep them in case. Another lesson in decluttering: If the people in your home say they want it kept, keep it. Never throw away another person’s items.

Aslında evde bu kadar ilaç olması hoşuma gitmiyor, ama eşim ya acil bir şey olursa diye bunları tutmakta ısrarcı. Azaltmanın önemli kurallarından: Evde yaşayan birisi o eşya kalsın diyorsa, kalmalıdır. Başka birinin eşyasını haberi olmadan asla atmayın.


Yesterday, I tackled kitchen, especially pantry. Tomorrow, it’s time for paperwork. Just the thought of it worries me!

Dün, mutfağı elden geçirmiştim, özellikle bakliyatları. Yarın da evraklara el atacağım, düşüncesi bile korkuttu! O yığıntıyı açmanın vakti geldi!

Decluttering Marathon Day 1- Azaltma Maratonu 1. gün

Seven Day Decluttering Marathon- Yedi Günlük Azaltma Maratonu


Day 1 Report.

Today I decided to tackle the most problematic area in the kitchen: Pantry. Somehow the time goes on so quickly that I usually find some expired products in my pantry. Time to put everything on the kitchen counter to check:

Bugün mutfakta en çok sorun yaşadığım kısmı ele aldım: bakliyat dolabı. Nasıl oluyorsa sürekli tarihi geçmiş ürünler oluyor dolabımda. Her şeyi mutfak tezgâhının, egelilerin deyimiyle bangonun üzerine koydum (ben bu bango’yu göçmen ağzı sanırdım, meğer ege ağzıymış):123

Then I checked all of the items -opened and literally checked all of them- for expired products and bugs. It turns out I have quite a few expired products deep inside the cupboards. I usually write the expiration date on the jar, but some of them I simply forgot, and I didn’t even remember when I bought a few of them. In one specific case, I found moth in a pack of lentils I opened only two months ago. From now on, I’ve decided to check monthly. Last year, I found moth in the bay leaves I picked myself from the garden, and it had spread everywhere. Very annoying.

Sonra tüm ürünlerin hem son kullanma tarihlerini kontrol ettim, hem de hepsinin içini açıp böcek kontrolü yaptım. Geçen sene bahçeden topladığım defne yapraklarında güve çıkıp dolaptaki her şeye dadanmıştı. Aslında bu kontrolü ayda bir yapmak lazım, bu sefer de daha bir ay önce aldığım sarı mercimek güvelenmiş. Bir sürü ürünün de tarihi geçmiş. Nar ekşisinin açılmadan geçmiş tarihi! Bazılarını ne zaman aldığımı bile hatırlamıyorum.

IMG_5148 (1)
expired- very old products // son kullanma tarihi geçmiş- çok eskiden alınmış ürünler

Then I poured fresh & opened products in the jars and put them back in the cabinets. These came out from four shelves but at the end I only needed three. Perfect! This means less clutter on the counter for me.

Sonra da taze ve açılmış ürünleri kavanozlara koyup dolaplara geri yerleştirdim. Bunları yerleştirmek için ayırdığım dört raf vardı ama birine gerek kalmadı. Bangonun üzerindeki bazı küçük şeyleri de koymak için yer kazanmış oldum.

IMG_5149 (1)

After seeing I have so much at home, I decided to be more mindful of my shopping until I finish all these products before they expire. It’s such a shame for me to let food go bad. Shopping addiction I guess doesn’t just apply to clothes, shoes or beauty products. There are some people like me who like to shop and hoard food as well. Now that I know, I’ll be more careful.

Evde bu kadar çok yenecek şey olduğunu görünce, bunları bitirene kadar alışveriş yaparken çok daha dikkatli olmaya karar verdim. Bu kadar yiyeceğin bozulmasına izin vermek gerçekten utanç verici. Herhalde alışveriş bağımlılığı yalnızca giysi, ayakkabı ya da güzellik ürünleriyle sınırlı değil. Benim gibi bazı insanlar yiyecek ve bakliyat da istiflemeyi seviyorlar. Bunu kendimde gördüğüme göre artık daha dikkatli olabilirim.

Yarın: Ivır zıvır anlamına gelen komono’ya bakacağız 🙂

Seven Day Decluttering Marathon- Yedi Günlük Azaltma Maratonu

Because I wasn’t at home that much during summer, no decluttering was done. Since my childhood, summer has meant home to me, spending more time at home, bonding with home. However, this summer was different. Between the travels and family vacations, home was a bit lonely. Before autumn hits and school marathon starts, I wanted to have a one week decluttering marathon. Today, I’ll start with the kitchen. Cupboards, kitchenware, fridge, food… Let’s see how much I’ll get done in a day. If I can’t finish everything, it’s OK. Tomorrow, I’ll go on with the second category, which is known as komono in Japanese.


Bu yaz evde pek olmamamdan mütevellit temizlik ve azaltma işini epey bir “salladım”. Benim için yaz mevsimi küçüklüğümden beri ev demekti, evde daha çok vakit geçirmek. Bu yaz ise daha farklı oldu. Seyahatler, aile ziyaretleri derken evim biraz kimsesiz kaldı. Sonbahar gelmeden, okul maratonu başlamadan ben de bir azaltma maratonu yapayım dedim. Bugün ilk gün mutfağa girişiyorum, kap-kacak, buzdolabı, bakliyatlar… Bakalım ne kadarını halledebileceğim… Yapabildiğim kadar, bitiremezsem yarın devam etmeyip bir günlüğüne Japonca’da komono olarak bilinen kategoriye el atacağım. 

Decluttering Marathon Day 1- Azaltma Maratonu 1. gün

Decluttering Marathon Day 2- Azaltma Maratonu 2. Gün: Komono

Decluttering Marathon Day 3: Paperwork / Azaltma Maratonu 3. Gün: Evrak

Decluttering Marathon Day 4: Bedroom / Azaltma Maratonu 4. Gün: Yatak Odası

Decluttering Marathon Day 5: Bedroom and Komono cont. // Azaltma Maratonu 5. Gün: Yatak Odası ve Komono’ya Devam

Decluttering Marathon Day 6: Bathroom // Azaltma Maratonu 6. Gün: Banyo

Decluttering Marathon Day 7- Electronics, and Thoughts //Azaltma Maratonu Son Gün- Elektronik Aletler ve Değerlendirme


Things I said Goodbye This Week

This week I said goodbye to my guitar, which has a sentimental value but has never been used for the last seven years. It’s been sitting at my parents’ house, sadly. I remember the first time I started to play when I was twelve; I had a very cheap guitar, but I was quite eager. I even filled my journal pages saying that it was my only friend. Ovsn853792er the years, however, after I saved some money and bought a Yamaha, I realized I wasn’t made for playing the guitar. I could write, or cook for hours for example, but I couldn’t stand guitar practice for more than an hour. So I slowly stopped playing it, and this photo is from 2009, when I almost never played the guitar.

I asked a friend of mine, who is a musician, what to do with it, and he said he can gladly buy it. As a matter of fact, he needed a classical guitar. I sold it for a symbolic price, after all, what matters is that he is going to use it far better than I did, and it will make the guitar happy.


The second thing I said goodbye to is eight books. Two of these, I realized I will never read them again. Two of them, I realized I had the original English copy of the book, and these img_0997are the translation. I never liked the other four anyway. So I put them on the Freecycle group of the university I’m working at,
and in a minute, I gave them all away.

We fill our homes with items saying “what if” to ourselves. What if I play the guitar again? What if I read this book again? What if my grandchildren want to read this book? We even imagine these items as our legacy, we see our grandchildren using them as a memory. In reality, no grandchildren will keep 500 books just because they inherited them. They will most likely keep the ones of utmost value. So I believe even if we keep some items as legacy, we must keep the best of them and in the best condition.



Makyaj yapma, kendin ol, böyle çok daha güzelsin!

Makyaj yapmayı hiçbir zaman sevmedim.

Hiçbir zaman.

İlk makyaj deneyimim lisede, okul gezisi için gittiğimiz  İstanbul’da idi. Kaldığımız Çapa Anadolu Öğretmen Lisesi’nin yatakhanesinde, kızlar birbirlerine göz kalemi çekiyorlar, ben de uzaktan seyrediyordum. Bana da çekeceklerini söylediler, tamam dedim. Ama pek başarılı olamadılar, çünkü gözüm yabancı maddeye hemen tepki vermişti, sürekli kırpıyordum gözlerimi.

Niyeyse sonrasında anlaştığım tek makyaj malzemesi göz kalemi oldu. Üniversitede giysilerime göre mor, mavi, yeşil, siyah göz kalemi kullandım, şimdi yalnızca siyah var.

İlk fondöten ve rimelimi, üniversite son sınıfta, staj için bir liseye gittiğimizde almıştım (İlk kumaş pantolonumu da). Sanki yirmi yaşında olmak suçmuş, ve ben makyajla daha büyük görünmek zorundaymışım gibi kendimi kamufle ediyordum. Öğretmenliğe başladığımda da kamufle durumu değişmedi, küçüktüm, öğrencilerin saygı duymadığını hissediyordum. O zaman da basıyordum fondöteni, allığı, rimeli. Sivilcelerimden de utanıyordum hem, lise öğrencisi gibi, yirmisinden sonra insanın sivilcesi mi çıkar diyordum. İlaçlara, tedavilere rağmen hala bir ergen suratına sahip olmak güvenimi kırıyordu. Hem makyaj yapmayan öğretmen mi olur? Her daim şık şıkırdım olmalısın.

Böyle hissediyordum öğretmenliğin ilk yıllarında. Ama kendime güvenim arttıkça artık makyaj yapmak çok saçma gelmeye başladı. Hem sonra onu temizlemeye hep üşendiğimden sivilcelerim daha da kötü bir hale geliyordu. Radikal bir biçimde değil de, yavaş yavaş azalttım, Makyaj Mezarlığım adlı yazımda ilk kurtuluşumdan bahsetmiştim. Ve şimdi bana bir yüz kremi, bir göz kalemi yetiyor. Bazı günler göz kalemi bile sürmüyorum ama ondan hala vazgeçmiş değilim. Bazı günler de renkli BB krem sürüyorum, özellikle sivilcelerim rahatsızlık derecesinde cildimi işgal ettiğinde, ya da düğün derneğe gidildiğinde. Fakat artık şu rahatlığa sahibim: Bu sabah uyandığımda yalnızca yüzümü yıkayıp dışarı çıkabilirim, ve bu beni hiç mi hiç rahatsız etmez! Dışarı çıkmak için maskeye ihtiyacım yok, insanları etkilemek için ise hiç yok! Hem zaten en çok acı çekenler kendinden uzaklaşmaya çalışanlar değil mi?

Alicia Keys Celebrates Upcoming New Album "HERE" With Special Show in Times Square

Şekil A.1: Makyajsız Alicia Keys

Cilt bakımı konusunda da epey bir ilerleme kaydettim. Elimdeki ürünleri bitirince Yves Rocher’den devam etmeye karar verdim. Ticari bir marka olsa da öncelikle hayvanlar üzerinde test edilmemesi, sonra da paraben ve sülfat içermemeleri bu markayı tercih sebebim.


Şekil A-2: Bu kadarı valla yetiyor.

İşte tüm saç-cilt bakımım ve kozmetiğim bu kadar! Lipbalm tarzı şeyleri eklemeyi unutmuşum, dudaklarım çok kuruduğu için olmazsa olmazım: artisan yapım bir balmumu kremim var ki dillere destan.

Dediğim gibi saç ve cilt bakımı için Yves Rocher mutlu etti beni, güneş kremi ve göz kaleminde ise Missha. Missha da hayvan testlerine karşı, Koreli bir kozmetik markası. Keşke BB kremleri de benim cildime uygun olsaydı da Nivea’ya kalmasaydım. Ama şu ana kadar denediğim beş-altı BB krem içinde cildime en uyumlusu, en sivilce çıkarmayanı Nivea, o yüzden şimdilik ondan devam ediyorum. BB kremi tamamen hayatımdan çıkardığımda ona da bay bay diyeceğim. 🙂

Sağ alt köşede gördüğünüz ise Edremitten alınmış zeytinyağı sabunu. Eşim sağolsun, duş jelini hiç sevmez, beni o alıştırdı sabuna. Aslında bu kadar alerjik bünyesi olan ben senelerce neden duş jeli kullandım onu da anlamıyorum, mis gibi sabun varken. Evde varsa zeytinyağı sabunu, yoksa da kalıp banyo sabunlarından kullanıyoruz (duru’nun gliserinli zeytinyağlı sabunu ve hacı şakir’in hamam sabunu süper kokuyor laf aramızda, ama doğal zeytinyağı sabunu bulunabiliyorsa baş tacı tabii ki!)

Son birkaç senedir, hayatımda ilk defa, yüzüme bakıyor ve aynaya yansıyan bu yüzü seviyorum. Ergenlik döneminde, hiç sevmiyordum dış görünüşümü, sivilceli ve gözlüklü olarak bir ezik klişesini yerine getirdiğimi düşünüyordum. Şimdi de sivilceli ve gözlüklüyüm, ama güveniyorum artık kendime. O yüzden artık maskelere de ihtiyacım yok. Ne güzelmiş kendin olmak!

17 Before 2017- and thoughts on 2016

Earlier in September, I set seventeen goals for myself to accomplish before 2017 starts. Here is what it looked like:



November and December was crazy at work, so I can’t say I was great at making all of these goals come true. Let’s see how it went:

Goals 1 to 4: Minimalism

These were the goals related to my minimalism journey. Although my kitchen and vanity are quite compact as they are, I wanted to declutter them once again. However, apart from giving away empty jars and throwing away unused make-up, I haven’t been quite successful in these.

And again, although I know what to wear pretty much every day, I couldn’t set a time to organize my wardrobe just for work. I do love my winter sweaters, though!

My fourth goal was to finish 7 skincare and make-up products before 2017. I finished 2 of them, threw away 2, and working on the other 3.


Goals 5-9: Mind Goals

These are goals related mostly with mind. I started a novel about 4 years ago but never touched it for 3 years until I went back this year. But I am not sure if I like it anymore. I am like 5000 words in, and I’ll maybe go on, maybe not. Anyway, I would like to write an independent short story no matter what happens in my novel journey.

This is what I set out on. I’m proud to say that I wrote more than one story, in fact, I wrote 3 stories and I’m working on the 4th one. Plus, I registered for a creative writing course, which has been my highlight of the year.

FutureLearn: I managed to finish three courses at FutureLearn, which has been so great and informative. The courses are: Nutrition and Well-being, Start Writing Fiction and Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance. These courses are given every two or three months, they are entirely free and given by professors all around the world, and are interactive so you get to participate in a lot of discussions. I strongly recommend the platform and these courses in particular.

In addition to writing, I wanted to read 50 books, but I could only finish 29. This is pretty big for me, I had set a rather impossible goal anyways.

And for my blog:

My blog of course is among my goals. Keeping a record here really helps me put things in perspective. Right now I have 100 followers, I want to double it by the end of the year.

I couldn’t spare much time on blogging since October, so I am a bit disappointed with myself. I have only 53 posts and 134 followers at the moment, which isn’t much progress since September. I hope I can work more on it in 2017.

Goal 10: Job

I started my new job on January 6th, and towards the New Year the committee will decide whether I will be permanent or not. Fingers crossed!

I have my final examination on Wednesday, so still fingers crossed!

Goals 11-14: Health


Oh I feel so guilty about this! I haven’t had my check-up, nor did I practice much yoga.

Goal 15: Crafts

I did finish the table cloth I started! Here is a close-up:


Goals 16-17: Spirit

I’m still working on making meditation a daily habit. I think my main problem is that my days can be unpredictable, so it can be difficult to set a routine. But I am hopeful 2017 will be a better year for me to practice more mindfulness.

And last but not least, finishing the year in gratitude is so important to me. This year has been both challenging and rewarding for me. I got into a new job, and I went through a very interesting training process. Some parts of it I loved (like getting to know yourself first and being more mindful), while some parts I couldn’t really make sense. Serenity was my key word last year, yet I was more stressed than ever. Still, it is very interesting for me to see that every passing year I am growing as a teacher and a person, and it feels like I am getting more self-confident. I make more conscious choices, and behave more responsibly. I guess I have become an adult without even realizing!

As I am writing these, I am worried as well as excited for 2017. It hasn’t been a good beginning in Turkey (mass shooting at a night club in İstanbul) and it seems we can’t escape terrorism: it’s in our daily lives now. It is very distressing to live with it and go to public places, as there has been 3 massive suicide bombings in Ankara, where I live. There has been students in my school who lost their lives at the age of 18. It is just hope sometimes that keeps you alive, so my wish for the new year is to never stop hoping.

Given Away and Sold!

Sometimes we just don’t realize how accessories take over our space and no matter how many new items we buy, we just can’t get rid of the old ones.

Today I’ve given away two of my watches.

I can get rid of clothes very easily, cheap accessories I can just throw away, but something like watches, and if it has sentimental value, is difficult to toss.


I wore one of the watches for 4 years and the other 6. They got their share in the wear&tear department, but the 6 year-old-one was a present from my father, and the 4-year-old from my sister. They were sitting in my shelf, and I wasn’t willing to change the dead batteries, either. So why not give them away and give them a new life?

Actually it was my husband who got me to give away these. He recently sold a watch that I gave him as a gift last year, he really liked it at first but it was uncomfortable for everyday wear for him. As it was brand new, it wouldn’t be logical to just give away, so he sold it for a reasonable price. And now he can buy one he will love more.


And then he suggested I put my watches – along with a pair of sunglasses that he’s been wearing for more than 1o years- on our university’s freecycle group. In less than 5 minutes, I was able to give them away! (Even someone offered to pay for the Rayban glasses but I said no, it is too old to sell) What a relief, and knowing that the students WILL use them is a great feeling!

I wish I had given them away earlier, they’ve been sitting on the bookshelf for a year or so. I think they’ll be much happier sitting on a wrist and working rather than sleeping on my shelf.


17 before 2017

As fall starts, we have a little more than 3 months until 2017. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year. And it is a perfect time to  review my year and my goals. This year I changed jobs, I am a little freer now so I had a chance to focus on my personal goals more easily. This list also sums what I was trying to achieve this year. Minimalism, mindfulness, writing, blogging and all.

I got the idea from BohoBerry, such a wonderful idea.

So here is the list. I don’t have to finish all of them of course, but having a list make my goals visual. And actually all of them are thought in detail. I read a lot about setting goals recently, and I will share my insights on setting goals in a future post as well.

Let me talk a bit about each:

Goals 1 to 4: Minimalism

These are the goals related to my minimalism journey. For the past couple of months I didn’t spend much time at home and it will be great if I could finish decluttering my kitchen and vanity before ’17.

Also having a capsule wardrobe dedicated to work is very crucial for me. I made some new purchases and let go of some pieces, so I want to organize a wardrobe with accessories and all and never think about what to wear to work ever again.

My fourth goal, if you have heard of these challenges, will sound very familiar. I want to finish these skincare and make-up products before 2017. The products are:

  1. Sebamed Q10 Lifting Eye Cream (best affordable eye cream so far)
  2. Neostrata Oily Skin Solution (I really like it, except it is twice the price in Turkey now and I won’t be repurchasing just because of the price. I will most likely replace it with plain soap for now.)
  3. Oriflame Red Lipstick (just love this. but it is I guess maybe more than 5 years old (eww) but I can’t just let it go because I haven’t found a red lipstick just like this. So I’ll toss when I finish)
  4. Skin 79 Sué Hydrating Water (it is a very nice moisturizer but not very practical. I would expect a spray bottle instead of squirt, so I won’t be repurchasing this either.)
  5. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Malt (2 years old, love it, I wouldn’t mind wearing it everyday)
  6. Isana Aceton-free nail polish remover (just put it because I have one more nailpolish remover at home)
  7. Diadermine Zero Tolerance Face Cleanser (no side effects so far, but not very effective either, will replace with bar soap again)

The reason why I chose them is that although they have survived my decluttering splurges for two years, they are the oldest products that I have (except Neostrata, it is like 6 months old). And because I have (or I don’t need) replacements for them it would be nice if I could get them out of my way. The trick in these challenges is that you should put all the products of these kinds away for the time being. It will be exhilarating to finish them till the end of 2016!

Also very interesting to see I have products from all around the world (Germany, Sweden, Korea, US) I think I should consider making more local choices next time I buy this kind of products.

Goals 5-9: Mind Goals

These are goals related mostly with mind. I started a novel about 4 years ago but never touched it for 3 years until I went back this year. But I am not sure if I like it anymore. I am like 5000 words in, and I’ll maybe go on, maybe not. Anyway, I would like to write an independent short story no matter what happens in my novel journey.

I would also like to read 50 books this year in total. This was the goal I set on my Goodreads account. So far I have finished 23, but I still want to keep it to see how far I will get.

My blog of course is among my goals. Keeping a record here really helps me put things in perspective. Right now I have 100 followers, I want to double it by the end of the year.

Goal 10: Job

I started my new job on January 6th, and towards the New Year the committee will decide whether I will be permanent or not. Fingers crossed!

Goals 11-14: Health

These goals are about Yoga and health in general. Yoga has been really helpful to me, so I wish to make it a daily habit.

I have recently been drinking a mixture of ginger- honey-lemon- ACV (and garlic if I’m not going out). Among all benefits, it’s helping me with sinus infections and allergies so I would like to keep it going for as much as I can.

Goal 15: Crafts

I am really into cross-stitching this year. There is one project I would like to finish this year and it is the table runner that I started.

Goals 16-17: Spirit

I started meditating for about 4 months ago but I haven’t made it a daily habit yet. I wish to do so as soon as possible.

And last but not least, finishing the year in gratitude is so important to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my goals and I will be more than happy if this inspires you to set some goals for yourself!