Style Matters (but not the size of your wardrobe)


I really can’t say I’ve found my style yet, a style that I can keep for years. Or rather, I’m denying my jeans & basic t-shirt style and hoping that I’ll come up with something chic (or I’ll be a cool grandma who’s still wearing jeans and a star wars t-shirt). Meanwhile, I adore people with style, people who follow a timeless fashion.

In an earlier post, I talked about fashion designers like Micheal Kors and Vera Wang, who stick with black in their wardrobe. Today I’d like to turn to Royal Family and the “repeaters” that I like a lot!

princess anne

Princess Anne, the only daughter of the Queen is definitely my favourite, she likes wearing the same outfits with small changes again and again, and here is one outfit that I love. She first wore this marvelous lavender coat with a matching hat in 1979, and has worn it to several occasions since. Her outfits are probably made from the finest material and with great design and tailoring involved, why waste them, right? This coat is definitely timeless fashion. If you want to see her other outfits that she’s wearing again and again, you can check this newspaper article out.


Princess Kate also follows Anne’s footsteps, and she’s getting lots of attention for it, like everything she does. I remember how the media blamed Kate  for wearing skinny jeans! (I thought she looks great in them too.) She is on the newspaper no matter what she does, so if she chooses to do nice things everyone knows about it. I’m not British, but maybe because I teach English for a living, I’ve always thought the Royal Family is a huge influence on today’s society. They are big role models, along with superstars and scientists and politicians. So I really appreciate these two princesses’ styles and hope we can learn from them. Being thrifty and frugal is not only for the commoners! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Style Matters (but not the size of your wardrobe)”

  1. I was thrilled when Kate M started wearing the same outfits over! Didn’t know about Anne. Trying to downsize my wardrobe but cannot give myself to a specific style. I’m too invested in my shoes and my leggings and tunics! Bland. My hubby and I will eventually be Rving for a few years. I’m doing my best to think of a wardrobe for that adventure! Fun and frustrating! Kim

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    1. Leggings and tunics seem like a good style to me, I enjoy them, too. Maybe I also need to get over trying to find a chic style and accept this is who I am: jeans and a tee. 🙂 As long as my next purchases are conscious and good quality, I know my style will hold up.
      RVing sounds great fun! My suggestion for the new adventure, invest in some nice high quality scarves and combine them with your leggings and tunics. 😉

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  2. I never understood why fashion mags dissed celebrities for wearing something twice. Disposable clothing is such a sad concept. I also admire Kate for not giving in and re-wearing her beautiful clothing. Timeless pieces live forever.

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