Given Away and Sold!

Sometimes we just don’t realize how accessories take over our space and no matter how many new items we buy, we just can’t get rid of the old ones.

Today I’ve given away two of my watches.

I can get rid of clothes very easily, cheap accessories I can just throw away, but something like watches, and if it has sentimental value, is difficult to toss.


I wore one of the watches for 4 years and the other 6. They got their share in the wear&tear department, but the 6 year-old-one was a present from my father, and the 4-year-old from my sister. They were sitting in my shelf, and I wasn’t willing to change the dead batteries, either. So why not give them away and give them a new life?

Actually it was my husband who got me to give away these. He recently sold a watch that I gave him as a gift last year, he really liked it at first but it was uncomfortable for everyday wear for him. As it was brand new, it wouldn’t be logical to just give away, so he sold it for a reasonable price. And now he can buy one he will love more.


And then he suggested I put my watches – along with a pair of sunglasses that he’s been wearing for more than 1o years- on our university’s freecycle group. In less than 5 minutes, I was able to give them away! (Even someone offered to pay for the Rayban glasses but I said no, it is too old to sell) What a relief, and knowing that the students WILL use them is a great feeling!

I wish I had given them away earlier, they’ve been sitting on the bookshelf for a year or so. I think they’ll be much happier sitting on a wrist and working rather than sleeping on my shelf.


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