On Being Mindful About Time

These days living with two time freaks- one is too early, the other is too late- led me to think about time. And this is what came about. I wrote about it on BayArt, a wonderful website about mindfulness where I am glad to be a co-author.


3 thoughts on “On Being Mindful About Time

  1. I’m usually early – not an hour but maybe 15 mins. I hate to be late and would consider myself rude.

    The magazines are because the appointment would inevitably be running late and I would get bored waiting and find them rude. 😂

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    • Yeah, about that. I was wondering if we could spend that time being more mindful of everything around us, like a meditation on the go, instead of looking at meaningless magazine ads or instead of finding people rude and rather accept what life brings. Could we be that mature and mindful? “Time” will tell 🙂

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