My Cosmetics Graveyard

For the last couple of years since starting my minimalism journey, I’ve come across many people who are interested in minimalism for different reasons, people trying to pay off their debt, shopaholics, people with children and overwhelmed with clutter, people with depression/anxiety disorder, or people like me who are messy and try to declutter their lives as well as their minds. The reason is different, but the result is all the same: A huge relief. The realization of what we purchase and why. That’s exactly the same with me as well.

Now that my husband and I got rid of over a hundred pieces of clothing, now that I’ve found my style, I can start to think of other areas in my life.


Cosmetics graveyard.

This is what I’ve built in years. On a Saturday, I lay all my make-up, skin and nail products on my bed and stared them for a while. What a ridiculous pile! I hardly wear make-up to work except bb cream and eye-liner. But still, I managed to collect so much stuff. Some of them, I had a bunch, 3 eye-liner pencils, 3 tubes of face masks, 2 different bb creams, along with some cc creams! Lots of different acne treatment products, more than 20 nail polishes.

I realized I just liked the idea of owning these products. I had many acne treatment products, yet I don’t see any results simply because I don’t use them at all. Just owning made me satisfied. Just like the dresses I loved having but never wore. So this pile looked like a graveyard to me.

The first step was throwing away expired products and the ones I’ll never ever use, like the green eyeshadow. Then I made a list and saw that I had 66 pieces in total. When I calculated the total amount it was over 1000 turkish liras( something like 350 dollars). While complaining about debts, whining over absence of money when I longed for a vacation, I spent a good amount on things I never use! From these 66, I only used bb cream, eye-liner, mascara and perfume regularly. Just 5 items.

The problem was I couldn’t just say goodbye to things I paid so much for. I decided to use the ones I could, like masks and cleansing products daily. My skin in return thanked me for getting clearer everyday. It was obviously  a win-win situation. And I promised myself not to buy anything new until I’m done with what I have.

This experience has taught me that everything that is bought without consciousness is just a waste of time, money, and Earth’s resources. Credit card debts rise up and prevent people from reaching their dreams.

I am on a 3-week vacation right now, and I find that making stuff fit in a single suitcase is a good opportunity to review what you really love and need. This is all I’ve brought on vacation considering the cosmetics:

IMG_20160713_202919_editA cleanser, a sunscreen, a lipgloss, and perfume. I needn’t even have taken the eye-liner pencil and mascara with me, I’ve hardly used them. If you need this little even not on vacation, why keep countless items of cosmetics in your cabinet?

Everyone has a weak spot, I just happened to find mine is skincare products. My humble advice for you is to think about your weak spot when it comes to buying. Do you buy books that you’ll never need, for example? Maybe you should resist the urge to buy a new book until you read all your to-read list, or if the book doesn’t meet your expectations give it to someone who might like it. If you have too many decorations you can sell some on e-bay and get some extra cash. You can even give your unused cosmetics like tubed creams, toners and perfumes to friends who might appreciate them. Once the excess is gone, you will love what is left.

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