Minimalism and Simple Living


As a person who keeps making a mess at home, I got pretty excited while reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo a year and a half ago. I wondered “Will I ever be this tidy?” Minimalism? I’d never thought of it before I read this book. Actually, the book doesn’t entirely suggest minimalism, it tells the reader to only keep what sparks joy. Get rid of the others, you don’t need them. Hold each item and say “Does this spark joy?”


As crazy as it sounds, it got me thinking. My husband and I, we love keeping small things. All around the house, we have music boxes, glass figures, toys, animal figures, snow globes, you name it. Do they really speak to our heart? Or are they just gathering dust? As I was asking these questions to myself, I started researching people who also read the book. It turned out most of them were minimalists! People with ten-item wardrobes, backpackers with 100 items total, people living in small cabins and so on.


Just the thought of a simple living such as this sounds beautiful to me. Less stuff, less responsibility, a peaceful life. Kondo says you have to do it all at once, it may take 6 months, it may take years, but do it all at once. The important things are intention and action. I can say I’ve started taking action 1.5 years ago and I’ve made great progress regarding clothes. About the others I’m slowly thriving and learning. The best thing is that I’ve learnt how to shop for quality and longevity in products.


This is soo important in kitchen as well because kitchen is where I breathe. If it is cluttered (like my mom’s or mother-in-law’s) it keeps bugging you. It takes away your joy of cooking. That’s why while we were decorating our home I didn’t want any extra dishes just for the guests. This is like a priority for Turkish homes and I am probably condemned by the elders 😀 My daily dishes are simple and all white. I don’t have countless pans, I only have one for each size. I only have one tablecloth, why more? Even that may be too much if you ask me, I may declutter further in the future.

I believe if one documents their journey, they will be more motivated to move forward and as more people tag along, they will be bolder to dive deeper. So this is my motive to start this journal.

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aspiring minimalist, English teacher, coffee aficionado, and maker of things.

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